Healthy Kids Yogurt

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The yogurt aisle can be soooo confusing with loads of sugar-laces options and Frozen Elsa chocolate puddings disguised as healthy.

What to do?? We turned to Health Coach Vanessa for help…check out her advice for keeping yogurt delicious & healthy for the little ones.

Enjoy ladies!


1) Make your own yogurt: Bircher Müsli

– Frozen raspberries

– Bifidus yogurt

– Whole Oats

– Banana chopped

– Apple grated

– Kiwi chunks (or other fruit in season like oranges but only if it’s sweet.)

– A bit of honey

2) Make your own chocolate yogurt

– 2T Cailler cacao

– 1-2 small plain yogurt

– 1t Vanille paste

– either honey or maple syrup

For more help from Vanessa on managing sugar intake, check out her article: Sweetness Overload.


VanessaWritten by Vanessa Gatelein

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