The Marathon Pack

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Zuri Girl recently discovered ‘The Marathon Pack’ – a fabulous little box of goodies for the runner in all of us. 

Raise your hand if you feel you could exercise more, but feel you just don’t have the time. You know deep down that you need to make the time…but sometimes other obligations (like shopping for energy food!) take priority. Whether you are lacing up your sneakers to run along the lakefront, or have the dedication to run a 5k or marathon…you know how important it is to properly fuel and recover. Here’s the top 5 reasons we love this service:



#1: Time Efficiency
Spend your Saturday mornings running, rather than battling the crowds at grocery and specialty stores! ‘The Marathon Pack’ is delivered to your door and is filled with all the top energy bars and gels you need. Treat yourself to one of their great “Packs” for a well thought out selection of items you need, or simply shop their “Store” for à la carte items to fuel your run.



#2: It’s Inspirational
The cumulative benefits of exercise make you feel better when you look in the mirror and put on your clothing. James – Founder of ‘The Marathon Pack’ – started running 3 years ago to lose weight and running is now a part of his lifestyle. You will find tips on his inspirational blog and as you immerse yourself in the running lifestyle, it is simply contagious to continue on your journey with his tips and supplies.

Silvesterlauf Pack


#3: Motivation: The Race!
That little brown box of goodies stares you down every time you feel the urge to skip your run. Keep yourself motivated with one of the race packs “Silvesterlauf, Zurich Cityrun, Zurich Marathon and Team Run” complete with one race entry plus healthy goodies needed to prepare for and recover. We simply love the Silvesterlauf pack which comes with hand warmers to help you get through those cold runs!



#4: Friendship
Beyond the brown box awaits a group of like minded people who love running. Join one of the upcoming weekend getaway Running Camps planned 2016, complete with organized runs, training advice and nutrition tips. Keep an eye on the schedule for more information.



#5: The Perfect Gift
Need a gift idea for a friend who loves to run, or has expressed a desire to get started? We recommend the ‘Good Luck‘ or ‘No Pain, No Gain‘ Packs. We love that the packs can be personalized with a message on the inside of the box to make it a special gift!



Get Inspired . Plan . Fuel . Run . Repair . Repeat!

The Marathon Pack