Zurich Film Festival 2015

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For the past 11 years, the Zurich Film Festival has been a fall events highlight, truly placing the glimmering city on the worldwide stage.

As the festival continues to grow in size and scope, it maintains its identity as a community hub; a place for storytelling, curiosity, and open cultural exchange.

ZFF 2015

The past week has featured a wide variety of stars striding the green carpet:

– Jeremy Irons and Dev Patel for The Man Who Knew Infinity

– Ellen Page for Freeheld

– Christian Slater and Rami Malek for Mr. Robot 

– Liam Hemsworth, Golden Eye Award honoree

– Arnold Schwarzenegger, Golden Icon Award honoree

– Kiefer Sutherland, Golden Eye Award honoree


Seeing a film from the competition section offers a chance to get in on the action; there’s still time to view through Sunday evening. The Russian Woodpecker, Breaking a Monster, and The Living Fire are among the fine contenders in the International Documentary category. 

In the International Feature Film section, the situational Spanish love-comedy Pikadero lights up with levity, the closely personal immigration story Mediterranea offers gravity, and the Icelandic shepherding brotherly tale Hrutar serves a stoic mix of the two.

Director Mike Leigh visits Zurich on Saturday, 3 October, hosting a talk at Filmpodium. One of Britain’s most honored filmmakers, Leigh has won countless awards for his exquisite films, including Secrets and Lies, Happy Go Lucky, Vera Drake, and Career Girls. Each of his films is a standout, due to its unpredictability, offbeat humor, and ability to capture emotion in simple, daily gestures.

The Festival is also highlighting Iranian Cinema this year. What Time Is It In Your Word, I’m Not Angry, and Atomic Heart are not-to-be-missed.

ZFF 2015

More ZFF news to come… be sure to swing by Bellevue on Saturday eve for a bit of green carpet glamour, as the arrivals for Awards Night start in early evening.


Caitlin KrauseWritten by Zuri Girl Caitlin, a Bostonian by birth who writes and teaches in Zurich. Poet, photographer, and running coach, she finds inspiration outdoors, swimming in the lake and hiking in the Alps.  Having lived in Belgium for two years, she is building her credentials as a chocolate aficionado in the land of Swiss Bliss.