Gourmet Picnics from Ambassador à l’Opéra Hotel

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We adore picnicking in Zurich in the warm weather and Zuri Girl just discovered a way to take our picnics to a whole new level! We couldn’t be more excited about a gourmet picnic for two by the lake of Zurich or on a private rooftop terrace… with a beautiful assortment of foods created by a top chef. That’s the romantic experience you get when gourmet picnicking with boutique hotel Ambassador à l’Opéra.

The Ambassador à l’Opéra Hotel was the first to bring the restaurant picnic basket concept to Zurich. They take pride in being the originals and are constantly adding new and unique picnic offerings.

Enjoy ladies!


The Atmosphere

Brunch-Tuk PicknickYou get to choose the atmosphere you want. Picnic baskets can be enjoyed on the rooftop terrace of the Ambassador à l’Opéra hotel (where you will be the one and only couple there for the evening!). Or you can order a picnic basket to take with you and picnic on the lake of Zurich, only a few steps away from the hotel. You can even enjoy your picnic in the lake by renting a pedal boat. There are also additional options such as enjoying your picnic basket while taking a Tuk tour around the city or you can rent a rickshaw from the front desk.

With so many great options to enjoy your picnic , the hardest part may be deciding on a location!


The Menu

Dachterrasse PicknickThere are 5 different picnic basket options with one that’s sure to be perfect for you. The original «LAGO» basket includes delicacies like smoked meats and cheeses, smoked salmon, pasta salad, bio quark with berries, an assortment of breads and more delicious foods plus a bottle of champagne and coffees.

The vegetarian basket «VERDE» substitutes meats with savory items such as a rice medley and a vegetarian terrine. The «GOOD HOPE» basket is created especially for pregnant women and swaps in pregnancy-friendly changes like pasteurized cheeses and non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

The «BRUNCH» basket includes brunch favorites such as Birchermüesli, breads and pastries, smoked salmon, fruit salad, and hard-boiled eggs plus a bottle of champagne, orange juice and coffee or tea.

The «BRUNCH-TUK» basket, which takes place on the Tuk sightseeing ride, includes the basics like breads and pastries, fruit salad, and cheeses, plus orange juice and coffee or tea.

To see the full menus with a listing of all items included in the baskets, please visit their website (in German).


Why We Love It

SommerpicknickLeave all the work to the pros! The contents of the picnic baskets are well thought-out… the hotel really takes care of all the details. From a romantic candle to toothpicks to a miniature rubbish bag, everything you need is provided for you and you’re free to simply enjoy your picnic without all the preparation hassle.

We also appreciate that the table settings provided are very nice – cloth napkins, ceramic plates and real silverware just make the picnic feel so much more elegant.


Zuri Girl Tips

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 5.41.26 PMTo enjoy these picnic baskets, you’ll have to make a reservation in advance. And remember, the rooftop terrace only accommodates one couple per evening so be sure to reserve well in advance for that option!

The picnics mentioned above are only available in the summer months (May – October) but the hotel also offers a Winter Romance package with a fondue and glühwein picnic package on their rooftop terrace. The basket looks so good, it gives us a reason to look forward to winter!


Picnic in Zurich à l’Ambassador à l’Opéra

Falkenstrasse 6, 8008 Zurich (map)

+41 44 258 98 98.  Ambassador à l’Opera Website


BioPhoto_LisaArticle contributed by Zuri Girl: Lisa Christen. Lisa’s blog The Honeymoon Life chronicles her mishaps and sarcasm as she transitions from being an American career-woman to a Swiss Hausfrau in Zurich. She often embarrasses her husband in her posts, so enjoy! 




Photos courtesy of Ambassador à l’Opéra Hotel.