KURE BAZAAR: Vegan Nail Polish

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When we first heard the name KURE BAZAAR, admittedly, we were not familiar with this popular non-toxic nail polish line from Paris…now available in Zurich at Schminkbar locations, by Bea Petri. For healthy nails, we generally purchase Butter London polishes…but this new line in Zurich brings some tough competition to the market of manicured nails.

Here’s what we love about Kure Bazaar:

Kartika Luyet_by Marco LosavioThe History:

Founded by the successful model Kartika Luyet (daughter of a Swiss father), who had an ‘awakening’ when she became pregnant with her first son. She became much more conscious about what she was putting in her body, by eating more organic foods, and these choices started to get her thinking about what she was putting on her body as well. A lover for beautiful nail polishes, Kartika stopped wearing them all together as a new mother…and that’s when the research for a sustainable, yet fashionable, nail lacquer line begun. After years of product research and testing, Kure Bazaar was born!

KURE BAZAAR KaleThe Philosophy:

The brand delivers an ethical promise to an “eco-natural” formula with a commitment to fashionable nail colors. Kure Bazaar is committed to natural and nourishing ingredients, with up to 85% of the formulation derived of natural origin, such as pulp, corn, cotton and potatoes! The overall composition of the nail polish is one hundred percent vegan, with of course no animal testing. Indeed, this line is eco-trendy!

KureBazaar_TheColorsThe Colors:

The colors were inspired by fashion trends on the streets of Paris, as well as elements of nature. The colors are resistant, long lasting, brilliant and quick drying. Together, the Kure Bazaar collection includes over 50 different colors…from pastels, shiny metallics and strikingly classic reds…just to name a few. What we love most is how rich and vibrant the colors are, and truly how long lasting the polish is.

KureBazaar_glossThe Gloss:

In the words of Kartika herself, “..it is incredible to see what nature is capable of doing”, as the polishes offer an incredible gloss and durability. Whether we are treating ourselves to a professional manicure, or painting our nails at home…this is THE glossy look that we’re after.

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Photos courtesy of Marco Losavio and Kure Bazaar. Last photo courtesy of heypretty.ch