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MelanieSchuler_BLFitness_2Barre Fitness has emerged in Zurich, taking on many various forms, but it is Body Love Fitness that has captured our hearts as THE destination for the style of Barre Fitness workouts that we are accustomed to from the United States and United Kingdom. We love the modern music pumping from the speakers and the well designed studio space in central Zurich…and Zuri Girl has the inside scoop!

What is it…
It’s not Ballet, it’s not Pilates…it’s Barre Fitness! Our two favorite classes on offer are:

Barre Class: A low impact exercise offering efficient upper body movements with weights, core exercises on the mat and a full body exercise routine at the barre, targeting all our trouble zones: hips, inner and outer thighs, and arms. In addition building to long lean muscles, the benefits also include balance, stability and stamina.

Fiery Sculpt: This high intensity class is designed purely for fat burning, with all exercises performed on the mat or at the barre (think inverted pushups for sexy arms!) to build endurance, flexibility and speed. Many exercises utilize your own body weight and the result is a total body workout that targets your arms, core and legs…leaving you sweating and feeling great!

What’s best is that all classes end with some relaxing yoga stretches that are “comfortably uncomfortable” and a rejuvenating savasana that centers you for whatever your plans are afterwards. (Note: you can view all additional classes here)

Tell us more…
Melanie Schuler had a successful career and business dedicated to personal training in the United States and once love brought her to Zurich, she found a niche in the market that was missing: Barre Fitness! Fortunately, she was certified in both the Balanced Body Barre method from the #1 Pilates training in the USA and by Barre Concept, the only European certification available. With a lot of hard work, and a little luck, Body Love Fitness opened 1 November 2014 and is already expanding to accommodate the student demand.

The Atmosphere…
The studio space is located in Zurich’s Seefeld, directly behind PurPur Lounge/Bar. The door may be difficult to find at first, as it’s in the back of a residential building…but once inside, the space is a true haven away from the bustling city outside. Students are greeted by inviting essential oils diffused in the air, warm lighting and possibly even Little Sebastian – Melanie’s adorable and very well-behaved pup who sleeps peacefully behind the desk. Lululemon (yes, they’re coming to Zurich!) yoga mats are unrolled to welcome students and arm weights are available to enhance each workout.

How it Works…
Classes are scheduled in 10-week increments, welcoming small groups of approximately 7-9 students in each class. Prices are affordable and we simply cannot wait until Melanie opens more studios around the city!

What we love most…
After the intense workout session, relaxing stretches and proper savasana, the class ends with a refreshing scented chilled towel. Nice touch!

Healthy Retail Therapy…
After your class, Body Love Fitness offers some healthy items for your kitchen, including Philosophie vegan protein & superfood powders, and coconut spreads. Trust us…one bite with keep you coming back for more!


Body Love Fitness
Hufgasse 19, 8008 Zurich (map)
Website . Tel: +41 79 960 69 27


Photos courtesy of Body Love Fitness