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Screen-Shot-2014-09-18-at-2.21.50-PMFair-trade never looked so trendy. The store, Changemaker, has curated the most fashionable organic, fair-trade, recycled, handmade, eco-friendly, Swiss-made, and energy efficient brands to sell in any one of their six stores in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Want to buy a beautiful scarf, guilt-free, knowing your money is going to a good cause? So do we.

We already loved shopping in their two-story Niederdorf location, but Zuri Girl was recently honored to attend an apero dedicated to one of their newest collections from Real Time Trust. Real Time Collection is similar to many of the other brands at Changemaker; not only do they pay their workers a fair salary, their profits go directly back to the trust. The trust is then used to fund community projects such as disease education, clean water, and legal help. The Real Time Collection is a beautiful assortment of metal beaded jewelry that is handcrafted by the locals of a small village in India. Founders, Rolf and Cristian, have helped the workers transform their traditional pieces into something modern and more appealing for the European market. And we can assure you they know their market, because any Zuri Girl would be ecstatic to wear a Real Time bracelet.

Another collection we were fortunate to discover were the WOMENEPAL scarves. Changemaker has been working directly with the Nepal Women’s Foundation which started back in 1988. Nepal women and children find purpose and gain independence through making and selling beautiful hand-dyed and hand-woven scarves. The material used is of top quality, and any girl would be lucky to show one off around her neck. The profits from the scarves go directly back to the Women’s Foundation, which is used to fight for women’s rights in Nepal and to run a battered women and children’s shelter.

These are only two examples of many of the brands and collections created for a cause and sold at Changemaker. Each brand has their own personal story, but they all have the same, wonderful idea: create and sell for the greater good of this world we live in.

Why not make a change, and start investing in a cause today? It sounds like a perfect excuse to buy yourself something new this week!


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Screen-Shot-2013-11-04-at-3.49.40-PM-copy-150x150Article & photos contributed by: Zuri Girl Caitlin, a San Francisco native and Swiss chocolate addict.  You will most likely find her in the kitchen, the yoga studio, working on her latest craft project, or writing all about it on her blog, teaspoon.