9Months…of Shopping

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9months_05Pregnancy. Exhausting, unattractive, a fashion faux paux?

Absolutely not!

With the right garments and help from styling professionals, your pregnancy wardrobe will be nothing but stunning, exciting and simply, YOU…with an added special glow and ever-growing bump.

How, you might ask?

That’s where the fabulous specialty boutique 9Months comes in. A Zuri Girl’s pregnancy Girlfriend.  9Months sells not clothes, but style and service. They offer first class quality and highly fashionable maternity clothes to ensure you look & feel good from your early days of pregnancy all the way through the baby’s first year. Think classy and flirtatiously fun, with the added bonus of comfortable and practical.


Trendsetters from the Start

9Months has been the “go to” place for ladies in Switzerland for almost a decade. Starting as a small boutique in Horgen, ladies would drive from all parts of the country to cure their fashion cravings. From there, the brand expanded to Bern in 2009 and Luzern in 2010. Finally the wishes of Zurich mommas came true when Seefeld rolled out the red-carpet to welcome the maternity fashionistas in 2013.


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The Woman Behind it All

Zuri Girl say down with owner Nicole, a vibrant, warm and friendly woman who, despite her gorgeous golden retriever being her only baby, she totally “gets in” and you can tell how strong of passion she has for making ladies look and feel good.

She shares how she hates nothing more than hearing ladies say “I wish I had enjoyed my pregnancy more” or “I wish I would have realized what nice clothes were available and purchased them sooner ”. Having someone not discover 9Months until their 7th month torments her because they all say the same thing “I wish I would have found you sooner”. And it’s true, your body starts to change shape around 4 months and Nicole explains how that’s the ideal time to start shopping.


9+ Months of Fashion

From business lunch to Christmas Brunch to your best friend’s wedding and everything in between they’ve got you covered.  So…what to expect?

Jeans: Living 9+ months without jeans? No Way.

Nine Months is made for the “jeans addict” and offers extremely fashionable jeans that are comfortable and complimentary (yes, we promise!). They also offer various colors from standard denim shades to fun colors like red, green, yellow and blue.

Queen Mom is the most popular jean of choice and we weren’t surprised – they looked more comfortable than our yoga pants, but as stylish as our Saturday night party pants!

Business, Party & Casual Wear. Who says you can’t wear a denim skirt or cocktail dress while pregnant?

9Months is wall to wall with various colors and styles designed to ensure you look good regardless the occasion. From denim skirts and summer shorts to corporate blouses and cardigans to fancy dresses and everyday blouses, they’ve got you covered. Really, it’s just like being in your favorite store with loads of options and styles – their inventory is continuously changing with the trends, but fashion & options remain number 1 priority.

Zuri Girl’s eyes couldn’t resist the brands:

Pompkin, with their unbelievably subtle and easy-to-access nursing shirts and dresses

Italian designer Pietro Brunelli and his sophisticated, classy dresses

Paulina, known for her celebrity spottings from elegant ladies like Natalie Portman, Claudia Schiffer and Jessica Alba.

Lingerie. Retrain your brain. Pregnancy is sexy. Undergarments are essential for shape, health, comfort and feeling downright sexy. Bras, underwear and pajamas / nightgowns can make a world of difference towards your body, especially when breast-feeding.

9Months features special bras for pregnancy and breast-feeding and help with sizing…a key component to purchasing a bra.  9Months also only selects high-quality partners, like Amoralia, offering the latest options like special wiring and easy to adjust straps.

Cosmetics. Mama Mio to the rescue for stretch marks, itchy bellies and cellulite. Plus, totally absent from bad stuff like parabens, synthetic fragrances and the long list of no no’s. Zuri Girl gave it a try and we’re loving the instant firming feeling it provides.

Wedding Dresses. Gone are the days of “first came marriage, then came baby”. Many of us gals are waiting until the baby is in the belly to say the big “I do”. What’s not gone is the desire look beautiful on your special day. In Lucern and Bern 9Months offers a big range of wedding dresses and accessories, and they have extensive experience in sizing and fittings.

Swimsuits. The Maldives can still be on your summer schedule.  9Months has a selection of 1 and 2-piece bathing suits designed to flatter your belly and body.

Baby Clothes, Toys & Gifts. For babies up to the age of 1, Nine Months offers irresistible options. Teeny tiny 3-piece summer sets had us drooling as well as the Swiss label, Frilo, Pink Lining diaper bags, and a Zuri Girl’s MUST, Love U Baby handmade snuggly blankets.


Service with a Stylish Smile

Upon entering the shop, it’s as if it’s transformed into a personal shopping fairyland. The multi-lingual staff, are there for YOU. Plan to spend 1 – 2 hours trying different combinations and style. There’s no rush or urgency – you may take your time and the team will help explain options and, if you like, suggest styles or outfits that suit you best.

Nicole recommends not being afraid to try something different than what’s already in your closet. She explains (and we hands-down agree) pregnancy is new for you so the styles and colors you once liked might be different now.


What’s on Your Mind?

The Pregnancy Worry…

How, oh how, do I make it through the early belly-showing stages. You know you’re pregnant, but friends are wondering if you’ve just had one too many beers.

The Solution…

Jewelry. Nicole couldn’t say enough good things about the magic of jewelry.  It draws attention away from the belly and adds additional dimensions to the outfit. We tried on one of the klangkugelketten (necklaces) created with Swarovski pearls and stones – what a tremendous difference and such energy it brings your outfit and belly! Also, we hear, klangkugelketten’s are baby whisperers. Apparently, babies love the rattle of the stone and color and texture.

Patterns. Similar to jewelry, the eyes don’t focus so much on the body, but more on the shapes mix of colors.

The Pregnancy Worry…

How can I not spend a fortune, but also not wear the same thing everyday and still look good?

The Solution…

Nicole highly suggests selecting garments you can mix & match so you don’t need to buy too much. Use a few garments to make different combinations and select multi-purpose items like starting with a sleeveless shirt under a blazer in winter and then wear on it’s own once the weather gets warmer.

The Pregnancy Worry…

Does my man think I look like anything other than a whale?

The Solution…

Bring him shopping with you! Nicole was all smiles raving about how ladies bring their man shopping. Her team will ensure he has a nice, cozy seat and espresso to watch his lady in action. Nicole shares how she gets goose bumps when the man sees his pregnant partner trying on clothes – he’s proud, excited and they walk out to Seefeldstrasse excited to embrace their new world.

The Pregnancy Worry…

Do I really have to wear a hospital gown for 5 days? What if my friends come visit at the hospital or right when I get home?

The Solution…

A nice pashmina or yoga pants with nursing top are ideal to pack in the hospital bag. While comfort is key right after birth, 9Months offers beautiful options that are also pretty and practical. (Although we hate to be the one to break the news ladies…visitors are there to see the baby…enjoy your days in the spotlight while pregnant!)

It’s also likely your 4 and 5 month maternity clothes will fit comfortably after birth – keep these handy.

The Pregnancy Worry…

Oh, my aching back!

The Solution…

Nicole’s clients are all wonders about the Baby Belt, especially those lugging around twins or triplets. It boasts an 85% decrease in back pain and goes under your clothes so no one will know the wiser. This is especially helpful and offers tremendous support for ladies who spend a great deal of time on their feet.


Happy Shopping Zuri Girls and don’t forget Bern & Lucern shops featuring wedding dresses & accessories are just a short train ride away if the wedding bells & baby bells chime at the same time!


Zuri Girl Challenge

We were completely surprised no one has ever gone into labor while shopping in 9Months, but perhaps that’s a challenge for our Zuri Girls! Go ahead ladies…check it out during the week you are due…we promise an über cool gift for the first water to break in 9Months!


Nine Months Zurich

Seefeldstrasse 175, 8008 Zurich (map)

Tel: +41 (0) 43 810 41 90 . Website


9Months Luzern

Franziskanerplatz 10 / Burgerstrasse 23, 6003 Luzern (map)

Tel: +41 (0) 220 00 33 . Website


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Tel: +41 (0) 31 371 11 10 . Website


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