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BellaGloverPicHow many of our 60-80,000 thoughts per day are as scattered as the snowflakes in a snow globe that has just been shaken up?  Snowflakes, similar to our thoughts, are uniquely individual and seem to either cause us emotions of joy or annoyance depending on our mood.

Zuri Girl recently met Bella Glover of beingwell. Originally from England, she has a background in cognitive behavioural therapy and psychology. Her contagious energy & excitement for life clearly explains why she is dedicating her time to helping stressed guys & gals understand and organize their thoughts.

Despite work overloads, relationship struggles and the chaos of life, Bella helps people to approach their lifestyles differently to create a sense of stability, balance and calmness.

Really? Is it possible to calm my over-crowded mind, you might ask?

Here’s the inside scoop from our chat with Bella…


What is Mindfulness?

We continue to hear about mindful eating and mindful living…but what is it exactly? According to Bella, “mindfulness is a way of being awake to life, having awareness of our present moment experience and learning to observe our thoughts with curiosity and less criticism.”

Who needs Mindfulness? Anyone who…

– Feels overloaded with daily stress

– Desires to feel less anxiety during the day (and night)

– Yearns for a more positive, happier mindset

What might you do during a workshop with Bella?

Bella will explain the science behind mindfulness and introduce various ways to practice mindfulness and meditation. She explores patterns of the mind, and the nature of why we think the way we do. Different practices and helpful hints help reveal the many possibilities of incorporating mindfulness into everyday life.

How much time do I need to dedicate?

To ignite your curiosity about mindfulness, a 1-day workshop is ideal.

After that it’s up to you…dedicate a few minutes a day to being mindful and do it from anywhere at anytime. A good way to be mindful is to enjoy the weather. Maybe the rain causes muddy boots and delayed traffic, but the pitter patter of the raindrops on your window can be beautiful once noticed with curiosity and appreciation.

Zuri Girl’s Inside Scoop

Bella’s top tips to bring mindfulness into your life:

– Breathe. Sounds simple, but use the breath as an anchor. Take three big breaths. You can do it anywhere. Give a little pause. Focus on the sensation and the rise of the breath in the belly.

– Think without judgment: Observe the mind, your thoughts. Don’t be critical of them. Be curious like a child. Notice the inner dialogue. Our thoughts are like a beach ball that has been pushed under water. They pop back up again. Don’t get rid of them, notice them and accept them.

– Practice gratitude. Write down 4 things that you are grateful for and don’t forget the small things, like your partner making you a cup of tea or the glorious sun shining.

– Mindful activity. Bring simple mindful awareness to anything you do. Notice where your mind is, focus and bring it back and be present in this moment focusing on the sensations in your body. If you are drinking a coffee, then feel the heat of the cup on your hands, the aroma of the beans, the look of the coffee in the cup, the taste in the mouth…….

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

What is cognitive behavioural therapy?

CBT is based on the fact that our thinking and behaviour play a significant role in the problems we encounter. This short-term focused therapy helps individuals who may experience depression, anxiety, low self esteem or burnout.

Who needs cognitive behavioral therapy?

– If you’re feeling down in the dumps…depressed and not interested in going out with friends or taking your favorite yoga class

– If you find yourself worrying all the time, anxious or not “yourself”

– If your thoughts are self critical or negative or you find yourself caught up with self-destructive behaviours

– If you feel useless or worthless, alone or intentionally isolate yourself from others

What might you do during a session with Bella?

Unlike traditional sessions with a psychotherapist Bella does not investigate your childhood or past relationship dynamics, rather, she acknowledges them but focuses on the here and now, taking the jigsaw puzzle pieces to an individual problem and fixing it.

Bella says, “If you do what you always do, you get what you always get” and helps people to create new patterns in thinking and behaviour.

It’s a collaborative approach where thoughts are re-routed, focusing on new positive opportunities. She helps you become your own therapist by giving you a number of tools and strategies that can help with future stresses.

How much time do I need to dedicate?

Once a week for 4 -12 weeks is the average time needed.

Meet Bella

Check out her recent TEDx Talk in Adliswil or even better, attend her April/May Saturday Mindfulness workshops or book into a 4 week course starting Wed evenings 28th May.

She also hosts one-on-one therapy and wellbeing courses for individuals, schools, corporations, private groups and even families.

Contact Information

beingwell, Bella Glover . +41 (0) 78 907 89 03




Article created in collaboration with and supported by beingwell.