Rainy Days in Zurich

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Knock your rainy day blues out of the water!

You open your eyes from a restful sleep only to look out of the window at rain bucketing down from the sky. The rainy season is making her mark. Not to worry though, Zuri Girl has some great ideas to knock your rainy day blues out of the water. Grab your wellies and umbrella and dare to explore the opportunities and activities Zurich has to offer on a wet day.

Have fun!


Cultural Indulgence

01 copyBrighten up your day by indulging in some education about your surroundings. Take a leisurely stroll through the Swiss National Museum and learn about the country’s history. If art is your thing head over to the Kunsthaus Zürich or Museum Rietberg and step into a world of paint and pictures. Wherever your interests lie, Zurich is sure to have an exhibition that will thrill you on a cloudy day. And don’t forget, stopping for a coffee will keep you warm and dry for just that little bit longer – most museums have franc savvy, wholesome cafes and usually child friendly too*.


Indoor Sporting Fun

PfiffBettina1When was the last time the child in you had a chance to come out and play? Indoor go-karting at the Kart Bahn in Rümlang is the perfect opportunity for you to put on a helmet, dress up in overalls and have a go at being a Formula 1 driver.

If riding around in a kart is not really for you why not try your hand at some indoor tennis – register for lessons or get a few gals together for a friendly match. Locate your closest indoor tennis center here.


Beat the Wet at its Own Game

ttAlpamare is the perfect place to head to on a rainy day. If you can’t beat the water, join it!  Not only is this place fun for those who like splashing around in pools and the joy of slides but also lets those who would like to enjoy a relaxing sauna or massage treatment take in some ‘me’ time. Kids under 6 are free and they are open until 23.00 on weekends.

Another place to head is the Thermalbad & Spa Zurich or road trip to Basel’s water oasis to enjoy calming treatments, massages or the Hamam bath ritual to wash away stress.


Science and Technics

220x160_zm_02steinboeckeTechnorama, in Winterthur, is Switzerland’s only Science Centre. This exciting journey will awaken an interest you never knew you had in the field of the Sciences. By using your own senses in combination with the interactive displays you will learn interesting facts about everyday objects. The exhibitions are exciting for kids, couples and everyone who loves to learn something new.

An awesome find for the kids is the Zoologisches Museum. It’s free, fun and plenty of room to run around and look at larger than life animals.


Reading in a Living Room

570160_pic_970x641-300x200Perhaps you don’t feel like venturing very far. This isn’t a problem. Grab your favorite book and head over to your local coffeehouse for an afternoon of stories and scones. There are a number of cute little cafés with a ‘living room’ feel.

Why not try out Babu’s Bakery & Coffee House or Kafi Dihei who serve their tea in elegant proper yet dollhouse-like kettles.

Have a look at our Cafés + Bars for more ideas.


Fun with Friends

swiss-fondueIf going out into the rain is not an option call up some friends who are willing to make the few steps in the rain over to a shop for supplies and get them to come over to yours. Heat up the good old fondue pot and enjoy an afternoon of ‘cheesy’ moments, giggles and movies. Keep warm and dry!

COOP sells franc savvy fondue pots with adorable Swiss signature designs plus a matching potato bag to keep the spuds warm.  You may find local fondue at the HB Tuesday market and white wine is hands down the best match for this day at home.


For more ideas visit here and share your favorite in the comments section.


1016839_219817191504694_8306295_n copyArticle by Zuri Girl Carly.  Carly is a South African living in Zurich who is inspired by all things happy and colorful in life. Carly loves sharing the little treasures (that aren’t so little in fact) which she finds in Zurich on her blog, Colour Dust and Happy Light.





*Photo: Lake Biel frozen over, 1941 © Musée national suisse/ASL